Prior to next week’s E3 gaming conference in Los Angeles Google are holding a live stream event this week to announce some Stadia-specific details. The stream is set to start at 2am this coming Friday morning AEST and is expected to reveal which games will arrive first, the price and pricing model and more.

Earlier this year Google announced their new cloud gaming platform, Stadia, but at the time were mute on pricing models but with launch of the platform expect int he coming months it is time they released how much it will cost everyone to play.

Stadia can be used on any PC, laptop, phone etc and includes a Stadia controller which we got to try out at Google I/O this year. The games confirmed at launch so far are Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and Doom Eternal but you would hope that Google have more ready to go if they want Stadia to hit the ground running and have success from the get-go.

It is unclear when Australia will see Stadia, especially with our sub-par NBN thanks to some very shortsighted and pig-headed politicians but given that it will be launching in the US, Canada, UK and Europe first you would hope that Australia is included not long after.

If you love your gaming and want to know more you can check out the live stream from the link below at 2am Friday or you can just check in here when you wake up Friday.

Source: 9to5Google.