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With the rise of smart displays such as the Lenovo smart clock or even just on your smartphone, waking up to or forgetting to set your alarm can be a real downer on your day. So, Google has teamed up with Lenovo to help manage your morning and evening routines by building the Google Assistant into its newest Smart Clock.

Lenovo’s Smart Clock has been available here for about a week or two through JB Hi-Fi and other retailers, and includes a few new tricks to help you both get a good night sleep and help start your day right. An example of these new tricks includes the ability for the Assistant to suggest the best time to set an alarm for the next morning based on your alarm settings history or events in your calendar.

The Sunrise Alarm feature allows the brightness of the display on the smart clock to gradually get brighter up to 30 minutes prior to your alarm going off, which mimics the sunrise to help you wake up more naturally.

The smart clock also enables you to easily snooze the alarm by either a hard tap or simply saying “Stop” without the need to say the usual “Hey Google” every time.

The Lenovo Smart Clock also works just any other smart display, by playing podcasts, audiobooks and playlists or giving you the ability to use Routines to get multiple things done with a single command.

For example, by saying “Hey Google, good night,” you can turn off all the lights, activate your house alarm, decrease your smart clock volume, and play some relaxing music. The Lenovo Smart Clock will transition to “dark mode” while you’re asleep so the display won’t keep you awake (though some may still find it a little too bright!)

The Lenovo Smart Clock is now available through JB Hi-Fi and Lenovo for $129.

Source: Google Blog.

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