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One of the best things about the OnePlus 7 Pro is the stunning full screen display. The worst thing about the OnePlus 7 Pro is the stunning full screen display.

Ever since OnePlus shot out an update to the camera plus a few other bug fixes a week or two ago users (including myself) have been reporting issues with the display such as ghost touches or non-responsive areas. The thread discussing the ghost touches on the OnePlus Community forum was at 66 pages long yesterday and considering the phone has not been released very long that is significant.

The ghost touches affect mostly the top of the display and given that is where many app developers stash menu items etc it can make for a frustrating experience. After silence from OnePlus while they were working on the issues they have taken to their forums to announce that they have identified the issue and will “release a firmware update in the coming weeks.”

We have received limited reports from users describing their encounter of the “phantom taps” experience. Our team has worked hard to identify these cases, and we will release a firmware update in the upcoming weeks.

A temporary fix seems to be turning NFC off or rebooting the phone and given that the problem was introduced with the last software update it is hopefully a simple software fix for OnePlus to reverse whatever they did last time to break their display.

An exact timeframe for the bug fix release has not been made known just yet, just in the coming weeks, but you would hope they are testing this a lot better than they did the last software update they rolled out.

Source: OnePlus.
Via: Android Police.

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