Google Trips does not get the same love that many of Google’s other apps do but for travellers it is equally useful for its many features. Unfortunately, as all things Google often do, its time is about to end with Google shutting it down, prematurely.

Inbox, Google’s most recent shut much-loved app, had the ability to create bundles of emails related to a specific trip such as flights, accommodation and sight seeing bookings. Gmail, not so much. That left Google Trips to do the heavy lifting on this one, and having used it extensively on my recent trip to the US with multiple accommodation and flights it was an extremely handy resource.

Unfortunately all good (Google) things must come to an end and support for the Google Trips app will end on August 5, 2019 — that is just two months away. At the same time as making this ‘announcement’ Google point to where people can find your ‘favourite’ Google Trips app features in Google Search and Google Maps.

Soon saved attractions, flights and hotels for upcoming trips will be able to be found in Google Search or online at Google Maps will also be gaining a ‘Trip Reservations’ subsection within ‘Your Places’.

By all accounts the upcoming destinations etc do not have anywhere near the level of organisation that the Google Trips app has (had?) and it’s information is very basic. The new online trips website is fairly extensive but having the app handy and on your mobile device was handy, especially when travelling — kind of when you would most likely require trip information.

We will wait and see how Google implement ALL of the Google Trips functionality into their other apps — it would be nice to have a one stop shop for all your trip information but whether that happens is anyone’s guess.

Source: Google.
Via: XDA.
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As a frequent work traveler I used this back when it was first released. But I found Google Now and offline Google Maps still covered most of my requirements.
I can’t help but wonder if it will be rolled into Google Maps.


I travel quite often so Inbox & Trips were my favourite two apps & now they’re both disappearing so I’m quite frustrated that they’re killing their best organisational apps because they haven’t figured out how to make money out of them. I’ll switch back to using Tripit which isn’t as good & I still haven’t found a decent replacement for Inbox.


Geeze, I used it to organise our trip to the US in September. I love the app, because it had everything organised, reccomendations, bookings and reservations all in one place. Plus the sections about getting around and things to know.

A quick look at the suggested webpage, and using make doesn’t fill me with wonder. Sigh, just when I was happy to keep a lot of stuff in my Google apps…..


As an independent traveller who books his own flights on different airlines and own choice of sometimes obscure accommodation, Google Trips was really valuable to pool the information from different emails and find local attractions


Any recommended replacements?


Tripit is pretty good at gathering all your bookings together.


Another handy app which actually served a really good purpose for travellers. Worked so well for us when we travelled through NZ for two and a half weeks. Why cant they just open source it out to someone who might want to run with it? Seems like taking a step backwards, especially with no replacement in sight.


Another one of the Google apps I have never heard of.