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For many, Vivid Wireless was the only viable option to get internet. With the much-delayed and generally disappointing NBN roll out, many Australians are still waiting for decent internet at home. For some, Vivid Wireless offered the only wireless unlimited data solution in Australia.

Earlier this year Optus migrated all Vivid Wireless customers on the Optus Home Wireless Broadband Network. Unfortunately for some users, it seems the transition hasn’t been smooth. We’ve had reports of connections dropping down to sub 1mbps download speeds for some migrated customers.

We’ve had confirmation from Opus customer service reps that there was a “provisioning error” affecting some customers who have been migrated over. We reached out to Optus for comment and clarification, and an Optus spokesperson told us:

Our priority is to ensure our customers receive the best possible service, so it was disappointing that some customers experienced slow internet speeds following a transfer of their service from Vividwireless to Optus Home Wireless Broadband in April and May.

We quickly identified that the issue related to spectrum band settings and released an automated modem firmware update to address the issue.

Our team is currently reaching out to all affected customers to discuss any further service concerns.

If you were a Vivid customer who was migrated over and your connection feels slower than it should, Optus recommended reaching out to their customer support crew and lodging a service ticket.

We understand the issue can be resolved, but it may not necessarily be quick. We have been waiting a while for our service to be restored to the right settings.

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Duncan Jaffrey

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Yes! Our connection has continuous drop outs throughout the day and veeery poor variable speeds all other times. The change was obvious. And that’s with a starfish booster aerial! We’ve lodged a ticket with Optus twice and changed the modem sim card. They’ve been very good with customer service during the process, it’s just extremely frustrating to have a faulty service. Hope they find a solution soon! 3mbps in the metro area, is this even 2019?? Thinking of changing to an optus original plan to remove the 12mbps speed cap anyway, wonder if that’ll work…


I may be one of those affected (can’t be sure if it’s related). Last 3 weeks, slow internet and dropouts (multiple times a day on some days – when I work from home), when its down I use the wife’s OPTUS phone for tethering (no issue with her 4G). Been fine for the last 1.5 years and even when first migrated to OPTUS, think the download speed went up a tiny bit to 12MB (speedtest). Next Step -> Logged a ticket (got a problem report number) with Optus, nearest tower 1.5k (south east Melbourne) have provided two CELL-ID’s that I… Read more »

Andrew G
Andrew G

My transfer went through without a hitch and my maximum download speed and overall responsiveness of my service went up, no complaints from me.

Leon Kernan
Ausdroid Reader

Would this affect someone who moved themselves to an Optus plan (not migrated) but kept the Vivid modem?
Might explain some of the crappy performance i’ve been seeing lately.

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