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The ongoing saga between Chinese company Huawei and the US government has seen the company offering a deal. Huawei chairman Liang Hua today announced the company’s willingness to sign a non-espionage declaration with the United States government, or any other business entities who may wish to.

“We are willing to sign a no-spy agreement with the U.S.,” said Liang. “The U.S. has not bought from us, is not buying from us, and doesn’t have plans to buy from us. So, I don’t know if there’s an opportunity to sign such an agreement.”

Liang also mentioned that the US is acting inappropriately by using politics to harm his company. It is possible that a resolution could be reached at the G20 summit on the weekend, but the US is not incentivised to do so. Otherwise, the Chinese manufacturer may fight back with a reported lawsuit.

Huawei’s upcoming devices are insured against the worst case scenario. HongMeng, Huawei’s alternative to Android, could be set to debut on the new Huawei Mate 30 series devices in China. The new devices will also run on a Kirin 985 processor.

An official announcement of HongMeng is rumored to be scheduled for this month. The operating system’s global name could be Ark OS, a trademark registered by Huawei recently. While the new operating system would get them out of having to use Android, it’s unlikely that western customers would willingly choose an unknown operating system.

Via: Gizchina.
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Huawei Exec #1 – “Crap.. we have been banned for spying..what shall we do?” Huawei Exec #2 – ” I know… let’s sign a deal saying we won’t spy..” Huawei Exec #1 – ” Great idea… but wait, we do spy… and president Xi Jinping expects our monthly report the 7th of each month” Huawei Exec #2 – ” yes.. of course we will still spy… but really… what are they going to do if they catch us spying? Ban us? ” Huawei Exec #1 – ” oh yeah.. of course… I mean it’s not like we are accountable to… Read more »


The agreement should state: China to “stop” spying!!


I don’t know why people get all surprised about the ban, China has been very strict and controlling about foreign implantation in their own market for years and create their own ersatz of Facebook, Amazon or Google. No doubt that Huawei is protected by china’s gov, USA does the same and suddenly it’s not acceptable?


this is getting annoy and ridiculous why cant both sides just come to an agreement on something and end this


US will not sign as we all know that the issue is not about spying.

If you can’t beat them, ban them


We don’t really know that mate , and imo they (US) have good reason to be cautious..
As for a written agreement on a piece of paper promising to not spy ,
Imo it would not be worth the paper it’s written on.
Remember when China military promised they where not going to militarize that island they built in the ocean ? See how that turned out ?
The same people operate china intelligence .



“this is NOT the militarised man-made island you are looking for…. “


Fair to say , but IHuawei is a communications company who’s CEO used to work for the Chinese military and is loyal to china as you would expect , which is also a staunch communist country that is very controlling that would not think twice about utilizing any resources possible in the event of conflict ( aka communications resources ) . Ask yourself this question , have you seen assertive action by China’s military in recent years or threats to other country’s ? I’d say if you think the answer is no you don’t watch the world news all that… Read more »