Vodafone is offering a deal allowing customers to trade in their old phones towards new devices.

Vodafone will offer credit applied to your account for trading in an old device. A page on the Vodafone website will allow you to see if your device is eligible for the program. Many devices are eligible for trade-in, even older ones like the Nexus 6P.

Currently there is a special offer on the iPhone XR when trading up from an iPhone 7 Plus which provides $281 of trade-in credit. The traded-in device needs to be in “good working order” meaning no screen cracks or major cosmetic damage.

Other news from Vodafone includes a couple of new endless data plans.

One endless data plan is providing 90GB of full-speed data for $55. Endless data means that you won’t get hit with a big data bill, but your mobile speed will be shaped to 1.5Mbps after the cap.

If you’re a student, Vodafone will sell you a $45 endless data plan with a 50GB cap. Alternatively, you can get the $55 endless data plan mentioned above but with unlimited international minutes to certain countries.

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They don’t give you those funds or a discount on the next phone, they spread the rebate over your next plan term. You are basically charged the full price of the new device straight away and slowly get your rebate. You are paying for Vodaphones cash flow.

Make Some Sense

1. The credit they’re referring to in this article is bonus $ which adds onto the standard trade in value of the phone.

2. This is merely an option for those who have no means of selling an old phone, or don’t care to go through stuff like gumtree, fb, eBay, etc.

Why be so negative about an offer that will only benefit consumers? There is literally no down side to it…