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It is well known that the US government not only added Huawei to their Entity List but have been strongly encouraging other countries to ban Huawei products. The Australian government ceded like a good lap dog but other countries are presenting a much tougher proposition. In the meantime it has become apparent that Google are lobbying the US government to remove Huawei from the Entity List.

Google are apparently approaching the argument with the US government with a scenario you would think would hit home but as we have seen with the US government they are far from predictable or sensible or base anything on facts, coining the term alternate facts.

Firstly Google are arguing that preventing Huawei from using Google’s Android lessens the US national security. The argument is that if Huawei would be forced to fork Android into their own ‘hybrid’ version that would be more at risk to attacks. Huawei would need to create their own app store which would likely not have the same protections that Google Play Protect provides which could lead to malware and viruses being present in apps downloaded to customers’ devices.

If Huawei sell these phones globally with their forked version of Android then these possibly less-secure phones around the world are more open to hackers. If someone from the US sends sensitive information to one of these Huawei phones globally and it has been compromised then this sensitive information is thus compromised — US national security compromised.

Let’s not even discuss that if the US government truly believe that the Chinese government is using Huawei to spy on the world (and we seriously doubt that they do) then surely they would believe that any OS made by Huawei will have the Chinese governments fingerprints all over it which of course leads to compromised phones all over the world — ‘in-built spyware’. We don’t believe this is true but who know what the US government believe, they still think global warming is a hoax.

Hopefully someone can talk some sense into the US government before too long with China overnight reportedly looking to escalate their side of it calling in large multinational companies to tell them to not relocate operations from China, to ignore orders against doing business with specific companies and to lobby against the US government — the penalty being ‘permanent consequences’.

This can only get worse and in the end unless cool heads prevail we all lose out, both governments, all companies and most importantly us, the consumers.

Source: The Verge.
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Dean Rosolen

Wouldn’t that mean Amazon’s version of Android is less secure than Google’s too?


so now google is the good guy and wants huawei back and to allow huawei to use google if they can convincethe government