Samsung appears to be working on a new flagship tablet, from results that have recent appeared on Geekbench. With model number SM-T865, this new tablet scored a single-core score of 3506, and a multi-core score of 9788.

According to GizChina, this new tablet features a Snapdragon 855 processor, 6GB RAM and will launch with Android 9 Pie. The base frequency of the chipset is 1.78GHz, but it can peak at 2.84GHz, making it suitably fast.


What else can we glean from this result? Not an awful lot, but it seems this tablet will be the successor to the current-generation Samsung Tab S4. A slightly older device, it runs the Snapdragon 835 with 4GB RAM, and we’re rapidly approaching the time of year (late Winter) where Samsung announces new tablets, just ahead of the new Note line.

The Tab S4 still retails for around $1000 (or more for the 4G model), and so with a significant specification boost, it’s likely this new tablet – when it eventually arrives – isn’t going to be cheap.

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Just sold my tab s3 for an ipad pro because it was showing it’s underpowered age. I wish samsung would update the s3 model with a 4:3, 3:2 or 16:10 ratio screen. I liked the s4 but i held back on upgrading because I feel samsung made its best tablet cover with the tab s3, the folio book cover, such an awesome design and unfortunately no tabs carry that design today.


6gb. What a crock. My phone has more. It’s a freaking tablet. Put 12 in, they make it and it costs them bugger all.


I’m loving my Samsung S4 tablet, quad speakers , amoled screen, it even got an update to Android 9.0, only issue (major issue) is that when updating to Android 9.0 it ran into complications halfway through the update and stated that I would lose my data and preferences, annoying but not disastrous.

Daniel Narbett

Not disputing your point, but for reference my Tab S4 got the update on 25 or 26 May and it installed fine

Daniel Narbett

I’ve had the Tab S4 since September orso and it’s bloody brilliant (esp after several years of only underpowered tablets being available). Yay for Samsung pretty much singlehandedly keeping the ‘flagship android tablet’ category alive!