Google’s AMP protocol, or “accelerated mobile pages” is a feature that allows faster loading on mobile devices. However, the protocol also allows advanced features – one such feature is coming to Gmail early next month.

AMP in Gmail will enable quick replies and email management right from the inbox page. Filling forms, replying to calendar invites, adding to Google Docs comments, and image browsing are among the tasks the new feature will allow.

Initially the Gmail AMP rollout will only be available on the web-based version of Gmail, but the mobile version is sure to follow soon after. Other email providers like Outlook and Yahoo are expected to support the new email format as well.

On the techier side, AMP emails also have advanced security and privacy functions.

Additionally, the protocol supports interactive content embedded directly in the email, such as subscription management without linking to an external site.

Google has already partnered with certain companies to send out the new “dynamic emails”, including Pinterest, and OYO. Companies are subjected to security and privacy auditing by Google before being cleared to send out AMP-enabled emails.

AMP for Gmail is currently in beta and will be rolled out to the general public on the 2nd of July.

Via: Engadget.