Google Maps has been rolling out some new features based around navigation, transit and personal safety over the last couple of weeks, and today news had emerged of a new feature in India designed to help passengers stay safe in Navigation mode.

Users who are getting into a taxi can now have Maps monitor their route and alert them if the vehicle diverges from it by more than 500 metres.

The alert looks to be delivered via an in-app banner, and you’d hope might also become a notification if Maps isn’t active in the foreground.

Source: Android Police

The Stay Safer menu also offers the ability to share your trip and live progress with friends.

Route divergence alerts have a few different audiences. Tourists in unfamiliar territory may be relying on a taxi to get them somewhere and want to avoid getting ripped off. Some users might feel unsafe traveling and want to be sure that the driver is taking them where they’re meant to be going.

It could also help to alert you if the driver is just going the wrong way. The 500m limit does allow some leeway for getting around navigation hazards or road closures.

The feature is currently only available in India. As with any useful Maps feature we’re hoping to see it go global soon.

Source: XDA Developers.
Via: Android Police.