When I first saw that OnePlus were releasing a phone which was almond in colour I was sceptical but once I laid eyes on it I was mesmerised. This was not the colour of an almond, well, not the ones I eat. It is the colour of almond milk. Unfortunately it was not ready at launch but June was the predicted date that it was ready. It is now June and it is ready.

The OnePlus 7 Pro has appeared on their website, available for purchase after they sent a teaser of its appearance not long before. The Almond colour is a soft, off-white — my fiancée thought it looked almost mother of pearl type colour when we saw it at the launch in New York.

The off white colour is encased in a gold finish with the gold finish extending to the pop-up selfie camera. The glossy phone is stunning to look at and although I much preferred the Nebula Blue model this certainly caught my eye.

The Almond OnePlus 7 Pro is available with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of onboard storage and according to the website will ship within two weeks. The pricing is the same as other models with the same specs and comes in at US$699.

I dare say it will sell out quickly so if you are interested in purchasing one I highly recommend you get yourself into gear and work out where you are going to grab one from. If you are on the fence about this phone keep an eye out for our OnePlus 7 Pro review publishing tomorrow.

Source: OnePlus.