It’s a wonderful time to be a TV fan, with manufacturers rolling out a multitude of things to keep afficionados interested and buying new sets. We’ve seen super thin TVs, picture frame TVs, rollable TVs and now Panasonic’s doing one that’s transparent.

Demonstrated to assembled media in Sydney, the TV is just a prototype, but it’s an interesting look at where TV panel technology can go.

When the TV is off, the display panel becomes transparent and you can see through it to the two shelves that Panasonic has handily built into the TV.

The edges of the shelves are handily angled so that most viewers in a room won’t see them behind the TV except at some really wide viewing angles. As for what you put on them, that’s up to you.

Panasonic also gave us their own video of the TV in action, which is a little more exciting than our own because there’s something actually on the screen.

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Mike Massen

Hmm, I like this tv and what it could offer for all sorts of market and technical opportunities too, could be augmented in a couple of diverse ways too but, not for publication 😉


The question is, does the TV work well in a well lit room?

A version without shelves could be put in front of a window potentially, which would make life easier when choosing which way to set out a room.