Power banks are almost a necessary part of life currently. As users we’re asking more and more of our phones, but the manufacturers can’t keep up the supply of battery to our demands. There are a lot of power banks out there at varying capacities and costs. Heavy users will know the dreaded realisation that comes when mobiles go flat.

Dread no more, the Sherpa 100PD has a huge capacity.

At 60W each, Goal Zero Sherpa 100PD ports provide reliable power for laptops, phones and tablets, becoming your trusted travel companion every step of the way. Featuring a whopping 25,600mAh capacity and now carry-on approved, watch your latest binge-worthy show uninterrupted on your next long-haul journey, recharging your tablet up to four times and laptop twice over on a single charge.

That’s all really useful, but if the battery is flat you’re still in trouble. The team at Goal Zero have given you three options to charge your power bank:

  • Wall charging will see you reach full charge in under 3 hours
  • Charging from your car 12V will take 3 – 5 hours.
  • Their solar panel (sold separately) will take up to 14 hours (depending on the amount of sun the panel is getting of course).

Perhaps the name Sherpa comes from the fact you may need a Sherpa to lug it around for you, as the powerbank weighs in at 635 grams which doesn’t include cables. The more likely inference is that it can “carry the load” to get you and your devices through the day. Either way, it’s an amusing name.

Ultimately it’s a big battery for heavy users that puts out plenty of juice for fast charging, it’s what a lot of users need for quick top ups on the go and meets a growing need on the market.