Amongst the bad news is some good news for Huawei owners. A leak has shown off EMUI 10 on the Android Q upgrade for Huawei smartphones, and the early imagery makes it look pretty good.

Shared by website, it’s confirmed that this build of EMUI 10 is running on Android Q, according to XDA Developers. It runs on a Huawei P30 Pro (only just), but there’s enough to get a feel for the next version of Android on Huawei.

There remains, of course, some doubt over how this upgrade will actually happen, as the looming US trade ban would likely prevent a wide-ranging Android Q upgrade program, but it seems that some users might be able to get it, and that’s better news than none.

Visually, there’s not too many changes, but the new Android Q permissions are shown off – including the new “only use location while phone in use” permission – as well as a slightly refined camera app layout.

The other screenshots show features from the OS that we’re pretty familiar with, but the new permissions screen shows what will be coming with Android Q:

There’s also a couple of screenshots showing off Android Q’s new dark mode with Huawei’s EMUI 10. This affects a few visible elements, including the Settings app and the Google widget on the home screen.

Beyond that, 9to5Google observes that there’s really not too much else made clear by the screenshots, and that’s a fair assessment. Some users who’ve flashed the leaked build report that it’s faster than EMUI 9.1, and that, despite being an early leaked build, it’s very stable and quite usable with no major functionality unavailable.

This is all very promising, and so we hope that Huawei is able to work out a way to license Android going forward so that it can bring this great update to its users.