We almost missed it – Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 scheduled to arrive in August

Unlike Google’s Pixel 4, which is making headlines already, not an awful lot has been said (yet) about Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10, which should be coming in a couple of months. We almost missed it this week, though, when Verizon’s marketing calendar all but confirmed an August due date.

Expectation is high that the Note 10 from Samsung will feature a bigger and better screen, new Note S Pen camera, quad-camera system, a keyless design even, and perhaps even a two-size range.

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Probably the biggest change, though, will be the inclusion of a 5G variant, which Android Community reports Verizon has all but confirmed. This makes good sense, with the wider availability of 5G networks, and the company already having a 5G model out in the wild with the Galaxy S10 5G.

We’ve seen a few renders – and scant details – thus far, but expect to see more leaks and details as the middle of August approaches.

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  • My Note 9 is only 5 months old and honestly, the incremental upgrades aren't worth the $1k+ leap to "upgrade", unless this phone brings something truly special.

    • Is your question about the article or, understandable, about the previous comment...?

  • Samsung offer good phones but appealing support and warranty coverage once they sell you the phone they feel their support ends compared to iphone xs max the note 10 is superior but few are the warranty support it any help after the sale.

  • I think Samsung should give 3 updates for the note series due to the next android comes out just before the note 10 is released PLEASE SAMSUNG GIVE US 3 UPDATES 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • I'll be due for an upgrade from my Note 9 in early September and would've definitely jumped onto the Note 10 but thanks to Samsung's incredibly poor treatment of Aussie owners, I'm considering the LG dual screen phone instead.

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