Google’s launched many an online safety initiative over the years with Chrome, and today they’ve announced the addition of features to Safe Browsing in Chrome 75.

Safe Browsing already warns you of sites that the company thinks are bad places to visit, now it’s going to be try to stop you visiting deceptive sites that might be trying to fool you.

Accounting for the practice of registering similar domain names to existing sites (in the hope of getting traffic from typos or SoundHound similar to an authoritative website), Chrome will now tell you if it thinks you meant to go somewhere else (maybe the link you clicked pointed to instead of and suggest the link.

If you do find yourself facing down a deceptive site and want to report it to others (sorry but Facebook probably doesn’t count), there’s a new Suspicious Site Reporter extension. This will report the site to the Safe Browsing team for assessment. The extension can provide a decent amount of information provided to the team too, including how you got to the site and the content of the browser at the time you press the report button.

Of course, if you really need to find out all the latest news from that Flat Earth Society website, you can click through the warning to it anyway.

The change is rolling out from today on Chrome 75 on desktop. No details yet about mobile, though.

Source: Android Police.