Yes, Optus is doing a deal for 100GB at $45 per month

Optus have been working hard over the last 12 months to build their user base. Deals, sponsorship and brand recognition have increased. Their ability to target a market segment and get them in has been excellent and they’re aiming to do it again with another stunning deal.

The SIM only plan for $50 includes 100GB (total data for 12 months) with unlimited standard national talk and text, unlimited international talk and text to selected countries and at the moment a 10% discount on the usual monthly rate.

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Note, this plan widget may display $50 pricing, but clicking through it will display the $45 offer.

That brings your monthly spend down to $45 per month for a very reasonable data allowance and a whole lot of chatting. So if you’re looking for a sharper deal head to the Optus website and take a closer look at the plans they offer.

In the evolving mobile market, what do you want and need from your mobile deal to make it work for you?

Last modified on 19 June 2019 10:16 am

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  • "build their user base" - wasn't the problem with Optus that they always had too many cheap ass users across Optus & their MVNOs dragging the network's speed down every night?

  • Just upgraded from the 80Gb for $42/mth to this, sure I don't need the 100Gb but for an extra $3/mth its better to have it then not need it than to need it and not have it.