The Samsung Galaxy Fold was beset with issues when it was sent out to various reviewers and influencers — so much so that Samsung halted the impending release to the public and went back to the drawing board on the display.

Now a few months later Samsung have apparently fixed ‘most’ of the issues with the Galaxy Fold and it is ready for release. At a local conference in Seoul, Samsung Display VP Kim Seong-Cheol said that his company has already started supply displays for the Galaxy Fold. He said that:

Most of the display problems have been ironed out, and the Galaxy Fold is ready to hit the market.

He also said that, unsurprisingly, the Galaxy Fold will get a lot of attention when it is released and thus the released model should be a perfect device with no bugs. That comment is a strange one when he had just said that ‘most’ of the display problems had been fixed. Surely they would want to fix all the display problems so they don’t have a repeat of what happened in April.

At this stage Samsung are yet to announce a date for the actual release of the Galaxy Fold but you would expect it to be very soon (if it is indeed ready) such that it does not impact on the PR/hype generated from the impending Note 10 release in early August.

Keep an eye out for the official release date of the Galaxy Fold, whether you want one or whether you just want to wait and see what happens when people buy the first generation of a brand new design and device.

Source: The Investor.
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Paul Warner

Think I would give version 1 a miss and wait for version 2,