ASUS ZenScreen Touch was announced last month at Computex, and I proudly proclaimed at the time that I wanted one. Well, that’s still true. You see, my day job has me all over the place and today my older model ASUS USB display came very much in handy; despite working out of a backpack, I had a dual-screen setup (as well as my Surface Book 2) to help get my work done. Yes, I know, I can’t really do without three screens.

Regardless, if you’re a road warrior, you’ll know the struggle of downsizing from a couple of displays to one when you’re out and about, and with a USB screen from ASUS, well, you just don’t have to anymore.

For those who aren’t quite across what’s on offer, here’s what ASUS’ ZenScreen Touch offers.

This is a portable 15.6-inch Full HD monitor that delivers productivity and entertainment experiences on the go. With an ultra-slim 9mm profile and light 0.9kg design, ZenScreen Touch is easy to bring and set up anywhere, giving laptop users an extra screen for increased productivity, smartphone users a bigger view for apps and media, and console gamers the ability to enjoy high-quality single and multi-player gaming experiences when away from home.

ZenScreen Touch features an IPS display with Full HD resolution that provides vivid and sharp visuals from nearly any viewing angle. It supports 10-point multi-touch input to give users and effortless input experience and the ability to interact with their content in a more intuitive way. The display also supports the dedicated ZenScreen Touch mobile app for Android, enabling seamless display and control of smartphone apps on ZenScreen Touch.

With both USB-C and Micro HDMI ports, ZenScreen Touch provides convenient connectivity with a wide range of devices, including laptops, smartphones, game consoles, tablets and cameras. It comes with a built-in 7800mAh battery that provides up to four hours of use between charges, letting users enjoy longer productivity and entertainment sessions.

Sound good? It does to me, and the pricing is pretty sharp too (considering what’s on offer). ZenScreen Touch MB16AMT will be available from August 2019 cross Australia at the launch price of AUD$699.00.