Google may not normally release the Pixel devices until October but that doesn’t stop the leaks and rumours from keeping us all entertained. This year is now different to last year in that there have been quite a few leaks already, even at over three months from release.

Overnight Indiashopps has managed to get their hands on some official-looking renders of this year’s Google Pixel 4. The renders match up with a lot of the leaks and rumours we have seen surface over the past months or so but by no means does that mean that they are legitimate. As for all leaks and rumours take this one with a grain of salt — in saying that the renders apparently come from a source close to the smartphone development team at Google.

As you can see above Google is introducing a new colour this year, Mint Green. Their Purple-ish colour for the Pixel 3a has apparently been very popular and Google is looking to extend this adventure into different colours to their flagship Pixel. You do need to remember though that last year Google teased everyone with a Mint Green Pixel 3 but instead opted for the ‘Not Pink’ variety.

Each of the phones in the renders have their usual distinctly-coloured powered buttons as well as the dual front-facing camera. Given the size of the top bezel in the render above we are assuming this would be the Pixel 4 and not the 4 XL — but more to note is that Google may well be bringing the dual selfie camera to the smaller Pixel this year if these renders are in fact accurate. The lower bezel is shrunken in the renders but the sides retain the slightly larger than normal bezels (for side bezels).

The rear of the device shows off the new camera module that includes the expected triple camera setup. It will be interesting to see what Google can do with a triple camera given the amazing results they have been able to produce with a single lens in current Pixel phones. The rear of the phone is also bereft of any fingerprint sensor giving weight to Google including an in-display fingerprint sensor just as nearly all other manufacturers are doing now.

The renders appear to be real in some images but the one with all three lined up, the white line along the black and green versions looks to be fake to me. Google would not put a white line along the phone to disrupt the design — this is most likely an attempt at adding a light reflection by whoever created the renders. For this reason I am calling fake on these renders, as much as I want to believe they may be real.

What do you think?

Source: Indiashopps.
Via: Gizchina.
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James C

I’m loving the mint 😍 👌 if they do release it I’m all over it like a


“but more to note is that Google may well be bringing the dual selfie camera to the smaller Pixel”
How is that different to the Pixel 3?