Have you ever been discussing something with a friend, told they can’t find it, only to immediately show them that your Google-fu is better than theirs? I think most of us have been in that spot (hence the website Let Me Google That For You), but sadly not all search results are equal.

An eagle eyed reader of Android Police has reported that the the Google App Beta now allows you to share your search results.

There’s a huge number of ways that this could be useful:

  • Showing specific results for something you’ve been discussing with friends
  • Sharing a location you want to visit or
  • Sharing something that’s just difficult to find online.

Regardless of the reasoning the ability to share your Google Search results will potentially be a big addition to functionality in the app.

And while we’ve all sent someone a “Let me Google that for you” link in the past, not everyone has the understanding or knowledge to find what they want online and may not appreciate the underlying sarcasm of the link. This method will be a little more friendly.

Would you be likely to share your search results, or just send someone a specific link to your topic of discussion?

Source: Android Police.