Who knew when Keep Notes appeared in the Play Store, it would become one of the biggest Note taking apps? In times gone by, many users were deeply invested in Evernote until they changed their prices and effectively priced themselves out.

Over the last 12 months in particular, a steady stream of improvements to Keep has kept users happy. Not just keeping them happy, but challenging them to take their use further.

Personally I use Keep to store notes for different areas of my life, shopping lists and notes I know I’ll refer back to at a later date.

We recently saw Dark Mode roll out, which in part signals to many that it’s here to stay.

What also signals that Keep is here to stay is the 500 Million plus installs.

There’s a lot to like about Google Keep, if you haven’t yet – I’d encourage you to try it out.

Source: Play Store.
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Absolute little gem of an app. Something Google did right from the start and kept improving.


“What also signals that Keep is here to stay is the 50 Million plus installs.” – shouldnt that say 500 million? as per the title of the article


It’s funny, it’s not really an especially amazing app or anything, but it works, it’s free, it’s cross platform and I pretty much can’t live with out it now. I’d have a major time readapting how I do many menial daily tasks if keep were to no longer exist.