OPPO are set to announce the next evolution in their notch solution with an under-display selfie camera at MWC Shanghai this week. Of course they are not the only ones working on it and even though they will be first to officially announce it do not expect it to arrive any time soon.

We have already heard OPPO say that the quality is not quite there yet compared to a normal selfie camera and the challenges in producing such a thing are real. So while they may have a prototype or two working with it it does not seem to be quite ready for the mass market.

OPPO VP, Shen Yiren Brian, has taken to Chinese social media website Weibo to announce that it is not ready for mass production and that it is very difficult to do.

If mass production is expected to start in the second half of the year we do not expect a product from OPPO to arrive with an under-display selfie camera this year. This could be why we have not heard hide nor hair of a Find X successor for a very long time — they are waiting to introduce the new technology in it. The Find series is their experimental and high end flagship usually so it makes sense that the new selfie camera will make its first appearance in the next Find series phone.

In the meantime keep any eye out for MWC Shanghai this week where OPPO are set to unveil the new selfie camera and hopefully provide us with more details of how it works and when we should expect to see it in a phone.

Source: Weibo.
Via: Gizchina.
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Putting a camera underneath a screen will be a terrible compromise.

That’s because there will be more layers of glass, so the image will be degraded. I think the flip-up camera is a better solution, or just keep the forehead bezel.

I’d prefer to have a bezel than degraded photographs.