Duo is Google’s current favourite messaging app and the company is continuing to add features. The most recent addition is the ability to send a Snapchat-style “self destructing” picture to your friends.

The additional functionality was quietly added with the latest update which has rolled out over the last few days. I really only noticed it because Duo is now an option in the share menu. The workflow to send to your friends is really simple:

  1. On the image you want to send from your gallery, select Duo
  2. Add any artwork or text you wish to
  3. Select the users you want to send it to
  4. Send it

It seems to be an early move towards making Duo adhere to what is the current norm for communication, such as Snapchat or Instagram. It is worth noting though that if you receive a picture, you can’t reply with text or an image. The options are to simply call back or send a video message.

I will also suggest you’re cautious with what you send. It appears that if you delete a picture on your end – it’s still available to the original recipient.