Samsung is one of the most prolific hardware manufacturers in the Android ecosystem, with multiple product lines through the phone and tablet markets. Today, SamMobile spotted a yet-unreleased tablet making its debut on Geekbench.

All we can really tell from the Geekbench listing is that the tablet is powered by a Snapdragon 710 processor with 4GB of RAM (3615GB shown in Geekbench, to be precise). That’s the same processor we’ve seen in last year’s R17 Pro from Oppo, where it performed well, and an average amount of RAM for something that’s not a top of the range device.

The SM-T545 as it’s officially known will probably bear a Galaxy Tab A moniker by the time it reaches the market. That’s a guess, though – Samsung doesn’t bring everything it makes to us here.

Samsung usually uses the -5 model numbers to denote cellular connectivity, so this is likely a 4G version of a yet-unseen tablet.

Don’t count out a mid-range tablet in 2019, though. If you’re getting on a long flight that bigger screen is handy for watching downloaded movies, and it’s a bigger battery than your phone. Personally, I also like the extra screen space for reading comics and magazines.

Source: Geekbench.
Via: SamMobile.