The under-display selfie camera is coming. When and who from first no one knows but this week OPPO will become the first company to officially announce it when they take to the stage at MWC Shanghai.

In case you were in any doubt as to whether that poster and leak actually was pointing towards the announcement of the new selfie camera solution you can now be assured it is. Thanks to a video put out by OPPO today showing the various stages of selfie cameras that have graced their phones over the years before ending with the halo of the under-display selfie camera.

There are many complex issues that manufacturers will have to solve to be able to get the under-display selfie camera as functional as a notched or pop-up one but if OPPO are ready to show it off this week you can sure they must be close.

It will be interesting if they show it in prototypes that the media can have a close look at or just present the research and findings on stage. At MWC Barcelona they demonstrated the 10x zoom camera in prototypes so it would not surprise us if they did the same with the under-display selfie camera.

Set to be announced tomorrow we won’t have to wait long to find out more. You can be sure we will be watching closely. Will you be? Is this the solution to the notch? The holy grail of notch solutions?

Source: OPPO.