Until September 30th Telstra Plus members can redeem 10000 points for a free Google Home Mini including free shipping.

When Telstra’s new Plus loyalty rewards program launched recently there was a bonus of 10000 points offered for customers who signed up to Plus before June 30th and had been with Telstra over 5 years.

Today is June 26th so if you’ve been a Telstra customer for over 5 years and want a free Google Home Mini it’s worth signing up for Telstra Plus so you can get the bonus 10000 points. Some people have reported getting 10000 points even though they haven’t been Telstra customers for 5 years.

I just redeemed 10000 points myself. The order process displayed an error at the end but then I got an order confirmation email anyway. So let’s see if the order really went through.

Let us know in the comments if you try and redeem 10000 Telstra Plus points for a Google Home Mini and whether the order process worked for you without an error.

Source: Ozbargain.
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Worked for me and I’ve only been with Telstra for 9ish months


Aaaaand delivered already. Thanks Telstra!


I’m just loading up on free mini’s
One from Telstra, Google One, Vodafone Pixel i got for the wife, and one from eBay plus


Did you also see there’s a free mini if you’re an existing Google One subscriber? Redemption code is in the Google One app. Just put it through and I wasn’t even charged shipping. Hmm … a listening device in every home 😛



One carcoal mini on it’s way.

Thanks for the tip.


Does this apply for new subscriptions? Any details anywhere?


Exactly, please inform us if this works for new subscribers. Thank you.


Is 10000 points for a home mini the best value for the points? You get 10 point’s per dollar spent with telstra.