Android Auto has developed over time, and in May we saw the first glimpses of a new UI coming our way. Thanks to Reddit, we know that the update is beginning to roll out to users.

The most notable changes for the UI update include:

  • Media will automatically continue playing where you left off when you start the car
  • A new navigation bar that will allow you to control apps including controlling media, getting turn-by-turn instructions and take an incoming phone call
  • A new notification centre that will show recent calls, messages and alerts so you can listen and respond at a time that is convenient to you
  • A new dark theme with colourful accents to fit in with your car’s design better

I really like the look of the navigation bar and automatic resume of media – it will get users on the road faster.

According to Android Police, the update appears to be a server-side change, so there’s no way to tell when individual users will see the change. Several members of the Ausdroid Team use Android Auto every day, so we’ll be sure to share the info once we start seeing it.

Source: Reddit.
Via: Android Police.
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Still waiting on this. Has anyone in Australia actually got this yet?

Chris Rowland

This has been announced for Australia already, yes – see here It should be arriving during August.


I still haven’t seen the update. Has anyone received it yet?


Android Police contacted Google who say there is NO official roll out of the update at the moment, but it will occur later in the summer.


Just go to apk mirror and download the update


If it’s a server-side roll-out, that will do absolutely nothing.


**Updated Android Auto interface now rolling out to user

Fixed it for you.


Any news if this will work on 3rd party AA headunits or on phones? If it does 100% going to update my headunit


Looking forward to the update, hope it still has the one glance info of the current setup with travel times/weather etc

Just wish my Hyundai would autostart AA when I plug my phone in like the Ford Sync system does


my hyundai tucson 2016 highlander didnt get android auto but they now have a replacement updated headunit for $895 that will look the same but have the new features. Ring customer care about the unit repacement as dealers seem to know nothing. Got mine replaced about a week ago. Works great now with android auto and apple carplay, and still has the sat nav as well (if you cant be bothered to plug in your phone)