Regular travellers know the pain of having several flights booked in the next week and occasionally not even knowing what state (or country) you’re in the next day. TripIt have worked collaboratively with Google and Amazon to bring Assistant and Alexa integration to their app.

From your chosen smart assistant you need to connect your account then “talk to” TripIt. Once connected you can ask questions about your next trip only at this time.

There’s a pretty solid range of questions you can ask. Starting with the time, airline or seat you have on your flight. If you’re looking for more granular detail you can check flight status (ie. are there delays), flight duration or terminal and gate for your flight.

You can also check on weather at the destination and your arrival time which is quite useful if you’re arranging collection by a friend or family member.

Some options are only available for TripIt Pro users, but if you’re travelling that regularly it’s probably worth the investment.

Source: Android Police.
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