Way back at the beginning of May Google announced that they were briging a new auto-delete control for location history. Today they have informed everyone that it is finally ready for public consumption.

Google has Tweeted out that the auto-delete controls for location history will begin rolling out today for Android and iOS users. There is no mention of activity data as well but we are assuming that is included as well.

Once the new function arrives on your device you will be able to access it by going into your Google Account ‘Activity Controls’ page. Then select ‘Manage Your activity controls’, followed by ‘Manage activity’ and ‘Choose to delete automatically’. From here you can select to ‘Keep until I delete manually’, ‘Keep for 18 months’, or ‘Keep for 3 months’. After these times the Location History and web and app activity are deleted automatically.

If you are someone who wants a bit more privacy from Google then head into your Google Account settings and follow the above steps to choose the privacy which option is right for you.

Source: Google Twitter.