Remember the Vodafone TV from about 12 months ago? Even at the time, our review suggested it was really good value for money at $120.00 but Vodafone have slashed the price to $72 outright.

Our review went through the pros and cons, ease of setup and the capabilities of the device.

I’m still running the very old Nexus Player at home which is starting to get a bit sluggish. The Vodafone TV is compatible with Kayo Sports which is a favourite among our team so perhaps it’s time for me to upgrade.

Does the price drop on the Vodafone TV get you over the line to purchase?

Source: Vodafone Australia.
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    Pablo Picasso

    Hi, it still doesn’t support 5.1 Dolby Digital. only pcm and pro logic 2x at best. Thats the only negative for me.

    Scott Currie

    Do you need a vodafone account or contract?

    Scott Currie

    Do you need a vodaphone account or contract?


    I bought one of these for $72 about 3 months ago. I don’t think the price has risen since.
    An excellent box for the price.


    The original Ausdroid review mentioned “During setup there is the option to sync the remote with your TV so that you can control both using the Vodafone TV remote.”

    Is this purely CEC? Or is there an option to teach the remove your TVs infrared signals? I never found that…

    Swarup Rajbhandari

    It’s a good deal, till you begin installing more apps, and more add-ons to Kodi.
    Then it starts getting a bit slow, shows lags all the time.
    But for basic usage, still a good deal.


    Do you know anything about NBN? Otherwise you would recognise that NBN provides the experience/internet, Vodafone just sells NBN to you… Therefore it’s not their NBN 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️


    Cheaper than a Mi Box and it does FTA TV… it’s a no brainer for me.


    Phil, I have Vodafone TV…..and love it! While Kayo works on Chrome. Kayo seems to be holding the App back from Vodafone TV. Despite the VodaTV device having compatible software (it has OS 7.1.1 I believe). When you search for the Kayo App on the Play store via the Vodafone TV App it does not come up. Kayo even explain that Kayo is not compatible with Vodafone TV….see Suspect this is is because they have an exclusive deal with Telstra. The App owner has the ability to limit the devices it releases it to..….so it seems a bit like… Read more »


    I got one of these when they first came out. I use it as a media device and it works very well with Plex and Kodi. Never see any lag, and it also works well with Netflix.
    I can’t comment on how well it runs games as I don’t use it for that.
    For bang for buck, IMHO the VodafoneTV wins hands down!


    Just a comment, you can cast Kayo to VTV, or side load an APK, however…

    “At this stage, Kayo is not supported on Vodafone TV, however it is on our roadmap. For updates on devices, continue to check back here.”