+ Wednesday October 23rd, 2019

Everyone loves a good GIF and they have become very commonplace in many communications, so much so that most keyboards provide quick and dirty ways to send a GIF. Unfortunately sometimes the keyboards lack the finesse in finding the perfect GIF for the instance. Google has the solution.

Within Google Images there is now a new “Share GIFs” section that allows your to quickly and easily share the GIF results of your search. The sharing icon allows you to share the animated image to any Android app on your phone — including of course “Gmail, Hangouts, Android Messages and Whatsapp”.

Creators can upload their own GIFs to be shared around the world by uploading them to Tenor.com or contacting the Google partnership team. The new feature is powered by Google’s GIF search engine aimed to find shareable GIFs made available by content creators (including some streaming services, movie studies and the YouTube community.

The GIFs appearing are based on how likely they are to be shared. The new GIF feature is available from today on the Google app for Android and iOS along with Chrome on Android (it works on Chrome beta for Android too). Google plan to expand this feature to more ‘surfaces and mobile browsers’ over time so keep an eye out for it becoming available on your favourite browser soon.

[Editors note: as evidenced by their heading, even Google thinks it should be pronounced GIF and not JIF]

Source: Google Blog.

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Jeni Skunk
Ausdroid Reader

Great. Yet another cancer attacking image search results. 🙁

No name
No name

Yep, it’s a hard G as that G stands for Graphics.

No name
No name

Yep, is a hard G as that g stands for Graphics.

Mike Stevens
Ausdroid Reader

Sweet. Now we just need Gmail to stop being dicks and allow us to embed images in the body of a gmail message on Android…

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