There are still a few notable holdouts to Android Auto in the automotive industry. In fact 95% of the cars sold around the world now support Android Auto but so many of us are stuck with manufacturers who continue to think they can out-software a software company.

Lexus seem to have seen the light according to CarAdvice with their new Lexus UX range arriving with Android Auto (and Apple CarPlay) by the end of the year. This is a nice addition to the debut of Android Auto (for Lexus in Australia) with the new ‘facelifted’ Lexus RX receiving Android auto in Q4 of this year.

The facelifted RX will be the first Lexus in Australia to gain ….. Android Auto technology as standard in the fourth quarter of 2019. We are finalising plans for the introduction of this technology to other Lexus models by year’s end – this includes a dealer upgrade program for existing UX ownersLexus spokesperson to Car Advice

This statement is taken to mean that current UX owners will be able to upgrade their infotainment system to Android Auto but is likely to not be free, based on the actions of other manufacturers who have offered the same upgrade pathways.

For some reason many local manufacturers are hesitant to introduce Android Auto into their cars even though their overseas counterparts — even those in the super-litigious country of the USA — have included it for a long time. Yes they are scared of being sued if someone crashes while using the Android Auto or Apple CarPlay interfaces — for some reason they don’t realise that Google and Apple have specific constraints to make sure the users keep their eyes on the road.

In any case, Lexus are finally bowing to the sheer weight of numbers. A vast majority of consumers would much prefer Android Auto or Apple CarPlay over their own inept and clunky infotainment systems that they have been frustrating us with for years.

As someone who is currently shopping for a new car I won’t even consider one that does not have Android Auto. How about you?

Source: Car Advice.
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Jeni Skunk

Why headline an article on Android Auto coming to Australian sold Lexus, with a pic of the dashboard of a US sold Lexus?


Each to their own. As much as I like my phone, the things I look for in a car is first the classification of the car (sedan or 4 door coupe’s), the driving wheels (RWD or AWD only), the type of engine and power output and transmission, the safety features, price, equipment and fuel consumption. In that order pretty much. I don’t give a tosh about “connectivity”. Because when i’m driving, all I way to do is drive. Enjoy the drive. Get to the other side. I don’t want to connect my phone up every time I hop into the… Read more »

Paul Kennedy

Hi I have android auto in my car but you have too have phone plugged into usb
Port. Then if you lose reception you lose your gps


Just like any headphones need to have the Google Assistant, I would not buy a car unless it had Android Auto. It’s now a deal breaker.


Just bought a Hyundai Santa Fe with AA. Loving it so far. Had considered the Toyota Kluger until they told me no AA support.


Yes, a avoid any Kludge of a car that doesn’t have Android Auto.

The Koreans seem to be well ahead on this. I’ve also enjoyed driving a Kia with Android Auto. On long trips it’s great to be able to ask it how long to go, or just play music or podcasts with voice control.

Steve Smith

Apple car play GPS out of date , no real useful functions that work , will not work out side mobile area , continuly drops out , clunky and slow don’t waste your money stick with a independent GPS
Disappointmened customer


Was looking at Mazda Cx5 last year (before the dealer upgrade to AA was announced) and I asked the sale rep about AA.

He responded that no one had not bought the car because it didn’t have AA. I chuckled and said well there’s always a first time, and walked out and bought a Tiguan with AA.

Won’t be with AA in any car I buy from now on. Been using it since 2017 and will never go back.

Paul Warner

Just bought a Mazda 2 LTD. They wanted NZ$500 to fit Android Auto. Same with my CX5.