+ Saturday January 18th, 2020

It’s taken a while, but Sonos has finally released the Google Assistant for their smart speakers (Sonos One and Sonos Beam for those of you playing at home) in Australia.

Sonos has published a post on its Australian blog with some of the ways Google Assistant will enhance your Sonos experience. No big surprises there – you can ask the Assistant to play or pause music, adjust the volume and lots more – anything you can do on Google Home, Home Mini or Home Max should work with these Sonos devices.

Sonos users can now switch from Alexa to Google Assistant via the Sonos app, and hopefully stop their devices answering every time someone says “Alexa” on the TV. If you find you miss Amazon’s voice assistant, you can switch it back. It’s good to have the choice.

We’re big fans of Sonos hardware here at Ausdroid, and it’s good to see them finally deliver on the promise of bringing Google Assistant to their smart speakers.

Source: Sonos.

Jason Murray   Deputy Editor

Jason Murray

Before discovering the Nexus One, Jason thought he didn't need a smartphone. Now he can't bear to be without his Android phone. Jason hails from Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane depending on his mood and how detailed a history you'd like. A web developer by day with an interest in consumer gadgets and electronics, he also enjoys reading comics and has a worryingly large collection of Transformers figures. He'd like to think he's a gamer, but his Wii has been in a box since he moved to Sydney, and his PlayStation Vita collection is quite lacking. Most mornings you'll find him tilting at various windmills on Twitter - follow @JM77 and say hi!

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When I received my free Sonos One after preordering the Huawei P30Pro it received an update as soon as I hooked it up and Google assistant became available right then. That was around Easter I think. Is this something different?


“We’re big fans of Sonos hardware here at Ausdroid”

Sonos has been a joke. Multi-user not working. Cast not working. Why would you be a fan on that?

Dylan Wheeler
Ausdroid Reader

They sound like software issues…pretty the line says they’re fans of the hardware!


In the end it means that functions won’t work.

QUOTE FROM AUSDROID ARTICLE: “…anything you can do on Google Home, Home Mini or Home Max should work with these Sonos devices.”

That information is plainly wrong. See below.

QUOTE FROM THE ORIGINAL ANDROID POLICE ARTICLE: “Other functionality like Voice Match, calling, and Interpreter Mode is not available, but “ongoing updates” will add new and existing features over time.

But it took almost 2 years from when Sonos announced Google Assistant integration, to when we got this half-baked product. Good luck waiting for any fix to get that other functionality working.

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