We’re well know here at Ausdroid for wanting a great Wear OS watch, but unfortunately just not being able to find one, hopefully a new Wear OS device that Mobvoi, makers of the TicWatch line of smart watches, has just teased may be that device. In their tease video Mobvoi say the new device will be ‘Fast’, ‘Powerful’ and you’ll ‘feel the boost’, all of that sounds like what we want to hear.

We’ve heard rumours and leaks for a while now that there would be an LTE variant of the TicWatch Pro coming to the market, and today’s tease makes that seem all the more likely. Looking at the video you can see a very similar looking device to the TicWatch with the addition of a rotating digital crown to the lower button, pogo pin charging and an all black design.

It’s unclear if the TicWatch Pro’s dual layer screen will be staying on, something we hope it does as it can be a real life/ battery saver. With the fast and powerful tease we’re hoping to see a spec upgrade as well with Mobvoi traditionally shipping a Wear 2100 chip and only 512 MB of RAM could this be their first Wear 3100 1GB smartwatch?

Check out the tease video below.

We’ve meet with Mobvoi over the years and they are a dedicated team of geeks just like us who truly seem to know what consumers want and and trying to deliver on that vision. With Google conspicuously absent from the Wear OS hardware market it just may be a company like Mobvoi that finally brings us that perfect Wear OS watch we’ve been craving.

If you want to register for updates head on over to Mobvoi’s micro site “Simply boosted and register, there seems to be 6 days with of teases about to drop!

Source: Mobvoi.
Via: 9to5Google.
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Depending upon the price, I will probably go for this. Thanks to the trend of waterproofing smartwatches, there are not that many options left with a speaker & microphone.

Rumor say otherwise but I hope that this comes with improved specs & not a 4 year old SnapDragon 2100 & 512 MB or RAM.

Matty Mattmatt

My issue with Mobvoi is that the charging points corroded on 2x Ticwatch S variants within 10 months. The first was replaced under warranty, fine. The second was “So sorry, here’s a discount voucher that gives you the same watch without fixing the problem at that same price as that available on our website”. I washed it each day with fresh water and then dried it to prevent recurrence, but to no avail. I took it as a sign. I no longer wear my TicWatch, it’s gathering dust because it won’t charge….. Now they’re about to release a new model… Read more »

Simon Green

Maybe this will be… The one!


Become embarrassing that Android users don’t have a decent watch comparison to the Apple watch. Rumours of the watch we have been waiting for or Pixel watch may become real to eventuate to nothing. There are choices out there that some say is the watch you want but even the die hard android friends I have including myself being on android since nexus days marvel at how great the Apple watch has become.