With what appears to be improving news out of the US, Huawei seems to be cautiously optimistic about its future. Not everything is back to normal (yet?), but we’ve heard much from Huawei itself (and from market speculators) about how the brand will move to distance itself from reliance on foreign technology which can – as has been shown – cut off at whim.

With this in mind, it probably wouldn’t come as much of a surprise that Huawei’s work on its alternative mobile operating system continues. After all, it’s far from guaranteed that Huawei will retain access to Google’s Android operating system (and other US tech).

Huawei has confirmed it will hold a Developers Conference again this August, dedicated to developers who, increasingly, may be very important to Huawei’s ongoing success. Bear in mind that if Huawei loses access to Google’s Play Services (and Android), it will have to go it alone, and bringing developers along for the journey will be key to making this endeavour work (though success is by no means guaranteed).


The event poster – in Chinese – refers to 5G, the Internet of Things, and other topics. However, this is likely to be the first public event in which Huawei will discuss its much talked about proprietary operating system, HongMeng OS. The event will cover three separate sessions, including an opening keynote, a technical discussion forum and a Codelabs sessions.

Between these three sessions, the media may get a look at what Huawei has been working on, and developers will get to understand what Huawei offers for developers to consider its operating system offering. With rumours that HongMeng may be based on Android at its core, it may not be too difficult for developers to offer their apps and services on the platform.