Huawei’s moted Android alternative is getting more and more airtime, and with the Chinese company calling a Developer Conference for early August, we’re likely to get our first look at what Huawei’s alternative smartphone operating system looks like.

While we might have to wait a month to find out more about the OS, Huawei’s CEO Ren Zhengfei has been talking it up already.

One of the bolder claims is that HongMeng OS is faster than both Google’s Android (a logical comparison) and Apple’s MacOS (an unusual comparison), citing a processing delay of “just a few milliseconds”. In another poke at Android, Mr Ren noted that HongMeng OS could be useful on smartphones, laptops, tablets, network switches and even data centre equipment. Given Android largely exists in phones and tablets only, an alternative OS that runs in more places seems .. odd.

With Huawei seeming likely to regain access to US suppliers, the incentive to develop ones own operating system might seem reduced. However, smart money suggests that Huawei has witnessed how volatile the international market can be, and would move to insulate itself against future trade restrictions.

One thing’s for sure, we’ll almost certainly see more of HongMeng OS in the next month or two. Whether we’ll see it on a smartphone later this year is another question entirely.

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Is the baked in spyware a value add feature? Or does it come free?


I just wish they would use the english translation for Hongmeng – as it would make a better OS name…

In Modern Standard Chinese usage, hongmeng 鴻蒙 is a literary metonym meaning “primordial world; primeval atmosphere of nature” before Pangu created the world

“Huawei P17 Plus Mate Pro – now running Primordial World v3.8”


Talk is cheap

Steve dean

I will use it any day over any American products. Recent, Hwawei update on one of my phone is crazy good.

Steve dean

I will use it any day over any American products


I won’t be surprised if this site is renamed as Ausmeng from ausdroid 😂😂😂😂

Adam Brame

Ofcourse they make there OS HongMeng sound attractive and a quick OS. However Steve Wosniaks creation of binary basic code is a true ‘Mona Alisa’ of computer age. Fact is Apple OS can not be ever beaten in terms of efficiency, reliability and speed. I guess time will tell for HongMeng OS.


Yeah – I don’t buy the whole Apple OS’s are so efficient, reliable and without flaw. I have had many experiences of apps crashes, freezes and restarts on iOS and don’t get me started on MacOS – sometimes that bloody spinning beachball is enough for me to want to throw my gorgeous 27′ Thunderbolt display right out the window! Are Android / Windows perfect? No.. but neither is iOS or MacOS. They are up to date, sure… and secure… yes… but perfect and without bugs / flaws or crashes? FAR from it I would actually suggest that the MOST stable… Read more »


Hope they have dual boot google/hongmeng os to deal with trumpian on again off again trade war


I could see for sure that it could be possible to create a faster OS than its competition especially if you started from scratch. As much optimisation etc that happens with Android, it still gets bloated as there is often a need with OS’s to support some legacy code. If they are starting with known devices and is optimised for them then it could easily run faster.


Yeah it also comes with hardcoded Chinese spyware.


Yup – say goodbye to anonymous porn browsing!


This will likely restrict Huawei’s growth outside of China substantially. If it’s a fork of Android they’ll be kicked out of the Open Handset Alliance. And we all know how well a standalone OS will do (Windows Phone, Tizen, Firefox OS, etc).

Jeni Skunk

I’m very much hoping their OS does turn out to be a fork of Android, and that they do get booted out of the OHA as a result.