+ Monday December 9th, 2019

Boost mobile is now offering selected refurbished iPhones, Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel smartphones at some reasonable prices.

The smartphones, which have been refurbed by Boost mobile and are only available through the Boost website include:

Samsung Galaxy devices from:

Google Pixel phones from:

Apple iPhones from:

The prices do depend on the availability and storage capacity, but based on those prices, they do seem quite reasonable.

If you are after a smartphone but not really wanting the latest or most expensive phones, then you might want to check out these deals which are only available through the Boost mobile website.

Boost also offer ZIP pay as part of the process, which you can find out more about the ZIP payments via the Boost website here.

Source: Boost Mobile - Refurbed Phones Shop.

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Tibb So
Ausdroid Reader
Tibb So

Couldn’t load all the Terms, are the phones unlocked and unbranded? Does Alegre only get TEL handsets or do they get handsets from every carrier? Some Samsung models from Vodafone or Optus are very difficult to get working with WiFi calling &/or VoLTE on Telstra. Just changing the firmware to unbranded or TEL won’t do it, there are extra steps that must be undertaken.


Interesting to see. Appears to be leveraging Alegre’s position as the trade in partner for companies like Optus. With the increase in phone-leasing and trade-up plans, this makes sense as a way to move some of those handsets. “A refurbished phone is a gently used, authentic phone that has undergone intensive testing and inspection to ensure it is in great working condition. The phone may have minor surfaces scratches or scuffs, but this will in no way affect the function of the phone. Our partner Alegre, sources only Australian compliant phones that have been data wiped and cross checked against… Read more »

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