Google has some great initiatives to integrate technology into daily life. One such initiative I believe is particularly impressive and important is Code with Google offering CS First, a basic computer science program that has already proven itself to aid in the development of problem solving and communication skills.

A recent post on the Google Blog details a case study showing that even students with no access to computers at home have the ability to use the CS first UI as a first step. While kids can learn to code using it, it’s also a great collaborative process that helps kids develop socially and cognitively.

The Teacher involved with the case study, Melissa Schonig says it all:

In a short time, the kids were problem solving, troubleshooting, and helping one another. It was incredible to hear the conversations about coding and the other concepts we were learning in the room.

CS First is just a basic step, moving on from there the Code with Google setup also has a learning pathway to Javascript. Code with Google seems likely to help kickstart the passion and career of the next generation of developers.

Source: Google Blog.