We might soon have a new player in the wire-free buds space, with illustrations of AKG devices discovered in the Samsung SmartThings app over at XDA Developers.

If that’s surprising, bear in mind that Sammy acquired Harmon-Kardon, itself the custodian of AKG and a few other names you might know, a few years ago. It’s been leveraging those names in the meantime, often citing AKG’s tuning and balancing when describing headphones and earbuds. The AKG name hasn’t been attached to wire-free buds until now though.

Enter the AKG N400.

The N400 represents an obvious step up from the company’s existing N200 wired buds, though the specifics are obviously unknown.

It seems pretty obvious there’ll be some kind of charging case involved, too – hopefully that inherits the Galaxy Buds’ wireless charging feature too.

They don’t look particularly large though, so it seems unlikely they’ll provide much by way of additional features (controls, voice etc). But we’ll take great audio performance any day. 🤞

While AKG had a hand in Samsung’s Galaxy Buds, with that large branding on the sides of the buds is looks like this will be an AKG product first and foremost.

There’s a couple more illustrations hidden in the app, but you’ll forgive us for being a little less excited about the on-ear Y400 and over-ear Y600 headphones. Still, here you go.

It’s good to see established names exploring new spaces (and in AKG’s case, maybe a little overdue), and it feels like we’ve only started to scratch the surface of what’s possible in the wire-free buds space, either in terms of price, quality and features. We’re pretty sure the N400 will turn up soon and all will be revealed.

Source: XDA Developers.