Last week Mobvoi started to tease its next Wear OS powered smartwatch, and today the team has confirmed that whatever is coming on July 10 will indeed have their dual layered display – as featured on the TicWath Pro.

The dual layer display is a great feature of the TicWatch pro, with both a full-colour LCD touch display and a low-power monochrome 80’s-style LCD digital display. Users can toggle the lower power display on or off, or use it to save power in ‘ambient mode’ or when the battery drops below a certain point.

Launching on July 10, the new watch is widely speculated to be a successor to the TicWatch Pro with updated specs, faster performance, enhanced battery life and possibly LTE.

We’ve been watching (pun intended) the tease site for a while now, with the team confirming a new “feature” every day – you can thus also expect fitness tracking, notification support, ‘Advanced and precise heart rate monitoring’ and longer battery life. The first two are table stakes for any smartwatch in 2019, however if the new TicWatch does include an improved heart rate monitor that may make it more appealing to the fitness-oriented users.

With the rumoured inclusion of LTE, it’s unclear if this will be an LTE version of the current TicWatch Pro with a few upgrades or if it will be an entirely new device in the Pro line. With only a few more days to go until the July 10 launch, it won’t be long until we find out.

Source: Mobvoi.
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Luke Dummett

It has an OLED colour screen, not LCD.


It’s almost certainly got LTE – the teaser images on the page all have urls that contain the string “ticwatchpro4g”.

Adam J

Predictions: swim friendly and 4G.


need a sim slot. i mean there is still no prepaid option for esims