Some of Dodo’s NBN plans from November 2015 through March 2018 were advertised as “Perfect for Streaming”. However, to tech-savvy customers, the 12 megabit download speed and 10GB data cap on those plans would suggest otherwise – and the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission agrees.

The ACCC found that Dodo’s “Perfect for Streaming” statement was false and misleading. Specifically, that customers on a 10GB data cap would use up their monthly quota after a modest amount of streaming, and that a 12 megabit download speed would limit customers to a single HD video stream, would be unable to stream 1080p content reliably, and could not stream 4K at all.

Dodo’s solution for its customers is to provide refunds of excess data charges and a contract cancellation fee waiver to current and former customers on the 10GB data plan. The overall solution will amount to $360,000 in refunds to a total of 16,000 customers.

Customers eligible for refunds will be notified by the 7th of September.

Source: ACCC.