It’s been a long time between drinks for Made-by-Google Chromebooks, but there’s been a device point up here and there over the last few months with the codename “Atlas”, and today it posed for a photo on the Chromium bug tracker.

It’s a close-up photo showing an edge of the screen, revealing the curves on the corners of the display, thin side bezels, and not much else really.

“Atlas” is said to have high end Chromebook specs, with a focus on “productivity on the go”. With Google confirming it will no longer be making tablet hardware that makes it likely Atlas will be a traditional clamshell laptop, which the photo above certainly seems to corroborate.

Tellingly, after 9to5Google revealed the photo the bug record has since been locked down.

Google usually launches all of its hardware at a latter-half event in the USA, so we’re expecting to see this show up alongside Pixel 4 and maybe some new Home hardware.

The company has traditionally not brought its own-branded laptops to Australia, but with a renewed focus on Chromebooks locally this might (hopefully) change.

Source: 9to5Google.