We’re in the age of the superphone now, and that means super pricing. While we’ve seen phones move from around $1000 into the mid-$1000’s and above in the last couple of years, it still makes us wince. Today it’s Samsung’s turn to hit us right in the credit card, with pricing for its upcoming Galaxy Note 10 leaked by WinFuture.

Let’s get it out of the way. The base model Note 10 (a 6.3 inch screen with 256GB storage) is said to run €999. Handily, at today’s exchange rate (according to Google, anyway) that translates to right on AUD$1,599.

The Note 10 Plus (said to be 6.7 inches and wth extra camera capabilities) meanwhile is said to run an extra €150, or around AUD$1,840.

Galaxy Note devices have always been known for pushing specs and performance. We daresay that if you’re anticipating owning a Note 10 these prices are not too surprising. If you haven’t already started saving, now is as good a time as any.

The highest spec for a 4G Galaxy S10 (512GB storage) carries an RRP of $1,699, and we kind of expect the usual $150 jump in price between SKUs, so a price of $1850+ (especially so given the increased capacity) seems possible.

By comparison, last year’s Note 9 launched with 128GB of storage at $1,499, but you’ve also got to figure in other costs and Australian GST on top of the directly converted values for the final price.

We might well see a 128GB variant of either model launched locally – it would help to keep the base price similar to last year’s model. I certainly question whether 256GB is really necessary as a base model when I struggled to fill 128GB these days.

All will become clear in a little over 3 weeks, when Samsung launches the Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus on August 7 in New York City.

Source: WinFuture.
Via: Gizmodo Australia.
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It will still be cheaper than the iphone flagship.


I have it on good authority that the top model the note 10 plus 5g with 512gb storage will be $1999.00 AUD


I would rather buy the galaxy fold instead of this

sen ectus

nah, I have zero interest in the fold. I will get the top model… but only because after salary sac + selling my 512gb Note 9 and selling the Pre-order bonus I’ll get the phone for pretty much zero dollars…