+ Saturday August 17th, 2019

Alphabet-owned company Wing Aviation today launched an app called Wing OpenSky that serves as a defacto air traffic control for drones.

Releasing on Android and iOS, OpenSky offers an interface similar to Google Maps, but with different information. No-fly zones like those around commercial airports and controlled airspace where helicopters or other hazards are clearly displayed on the interface. The app provides this information using backend technology that Wing developed internally for drone delivery operations.

Opening up the app provides a checklist depending on the type of drone a user is operating. Options include recreational drones, “commercial excluded” drones weighing under 2 kilograms, or “ReOC”, a certified type of drone regulated by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority.

The checklist includes reminders about Australian drone operation guidelines, such as ensuring the operator is clear of restricted airspace, known hazards, uncontrolled airports and helipads, among other restrictions.

The app is available now for free, and Wing says they will deliver a wider range of OpenSky products in the future. Currently the app only works in Australia, but it’s possible that Wing will extend the functionality globally in the future.

OpenSky - Drone Flyer App
OpenSky - Drone Flyer App
Price: To be announced
Via: 9to5Google.

Scott Hunt   Freelance Contributor

Scott Hunt

Scott is a dual degree journalism/arts student at the University of Queensland and has been freelancing in the tech writing business for a few years now. He figured the best way to keep up with the latest tech news was to actually write about it. In his free time, Scott enjoys PC gaming, beer, and metal music.

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