We may have forgotten World Emoji Day because it was yesterday and we were still swimming in shopping deals, but Google remembered and posted an update on all the new emoji coming to Android Q.

The company’s Creative Director for Emoji (that’s a job title of which to be jealous) Jennifer Daniel says there’s 65 new emoji in Android Q, matching up with those added to Emoji 12.0 earlier in the year. And they’re all pretty darn cute.

There’s some new animals (a sloth and an otter), colour patches, hearts, a yawning emoji that I expect to suddenly turn up in all my chats, kneeling people, shoes, clothes, a kite, an axe and lots more.

One of the big themes of the new emoji additions is inclusion, so we’re getting a Diwa lamp for celebrating Diwali, a service dog and a guide dog along with wheelchair and walking cane emoji, and hearing aids.

(this time is usually the only chance we get to look at high-res upscaled emoji too, so enjoy the detail above)

Finally, there’s also a look at the new gender-neutral emoji the company told us about earlier in the year.

Android continues to require OS updates to roll out new emojis, so you’ll need a phone running Android Q to see and access the new hotness. Devices running Android Q beta have them now and so they’ll be in Android Q at launch.

Jennifer’s post is one of the most light hearted and pun-tastic pieces we’ve seen on the official Google blog, so we recommend heading over to The Keyword and giving it a quick read to put a smile on your face during your morning commute.

Source: The Keyword.
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