Say hello to the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

While we had a long wait between the Galaxy Tab S2 and S3, it looks like Samsung’s now accelerating its version bumps on the tablet side of things with the Galaxy Tab S6 ready to debut soon.

According to information and renders obtained by Android Headlines, the Tab S6 will indeed launch in the back half of 2019 – they say they’re expecting to see it at Samsung’s August 7 Unpacked event, but other outlets are suggesting it might head to IFA instead.

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Unsurprisingly we’re looking at a premium Android tablet with the kind of big beautiful screen for which Samsung is known. There’s a couple is interesting revelations in the renders.

Firstly, there’s an indent groove on the back where the S-Pen (which has itself been given yet another refresh) will magnetically attach to store (and charge, you’d hope, if it’s got Bluetooth connectivity on board). This is sure to make for some interesting challenges for case manufacture, and will probably stick out further than the camera just above it.

Speaking of the camera, we’re looking at a dual sensor shooter but the specs of those sensors are unclear. Tablets have a questionable track record for camera quality though, so any improvement Samsung can make here will be welcome.

And there’s a keyboard accessory too. This is pretty much par for the course on tablets these days, spelling productivity (we guess).

Finally, it looks like we’re getting some colours in the range with black, blue and pink finishes sighted in the renders.

We’re not far out from Samsung’s August 7 event where all will/won’t be revealed. It’s nice to see a leak that’s not Note-related, but that’ll surely come up later today.

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  • Not for me after the complete lack of support that the S4 Galaxy tab has had, the last security update that i had was for December 2018 still waiting in Australia for the 9.0 Pie Update, from what I hear we'd be lucky to get it before Xmas.. very disapointed with lack of support.

    • Vodafail and Floptus are delaying the Android 9 rollout for any Tab S4 LTE models sold by them even though these are supposedly unbranded XSA models. You should never buy devices from either of them again.

      Samsung deserve to lose their tablet business in Australia for allowing these two second rate Telcos to interfere in the update process. You should never buy Samsung tablets again if you care about timely updates.

      How a company like Samsung can build such good hardware but be so inept at managing the customer ownership experience is beyond ridiculous. Samsung Australia's media flunkies would be fully aware at the frustration being caused to many of their tech aware customers by these extremely annoying delays in updating software on all Australian Samsung devices. Samsung simply wants to milk us for every $ they can get and provide no aftersale support.

        • Finally got the update on my Tab S4 LTE. It has the May 2019 security patch which is ridiculous considering we are close to the August security patch being released. Very unlikely that it will receive another security patch update before it gets Android Q which probably won't happen before July 2020, if it happens at all.

          Thanks for stomping all over the ownership experience, Samsung and Vodafail. It will make me think twice about buying another Samsung product or any product through Vodafail.

    • I've got both Android 9 and at least an April security update on mine... (wifi only, from JB) Android 9 dropped for me in late May

      • Weird.. maybe only released wifi and Telstra models.. mine is unlocked 4g LTE.
        Thanks for your reply..

        • Telstra 9 update released unbranded could not be far away...

          if you are desperate, use ODIN to flash the Telstra firmware... will be fine... you will just get Telstra bloat... and best to do a fresh install - so you will lose your data.

          • Of course you can flash other countries or Telstra firmware I flashed the French firmware. But that's not the point Samsung is totally ignoring their Australian customers for the LTE model. We are now two versions behind the rest of the world and three months since France first got Pie and Samsung is ignoring us. Imagine Telstra version has come out before the generic Australian firmware and even that is one release behind the rest of the world. This is a tablet with which you are more likely to do bank transactions than a phone and the security updates is still Dec 2018

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