The Samsung Galaxy Fold, even after the misstep of their early device seeding program, looks set to be the first foldable device to hit the market according to new information coming out of Samsung.

Android Community are reporting that sources are reporting to them that it is “done testing” and is ready to be released to the market. The new foldable device has passed a barrage of tests without a single failure.

There are reports that the device has been in testing in India with a redesign of the device negating the issues that reviewers found with the early versions of the devices they received. Although some are saying the new hinge is not quite ready you would think that if it was “ready” that would include a new and improved hinge.

With the Galaxy Note 10 coming in the next few weeks we wouldn’t expect Samsung to release the Galaxy Fold to the market and dull the impact of the Note 10. Instead it is more likely that Samsung start production of the final device to have it ready to go at the end of Q3 or the beginning of Q4.

All the tech world’s eyes will be on Samsung to see just what the first foldable device is like once it is in the hands of users and not just influencers and VIP reviewers. With testing done we expect to see Samsung start ramping up their advertising in the not too distant future.

We can’t wait to get hands on one and see if it’s worth the wait. How about you?

Source: Android Community.
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Only problem is the price. Any chance they can fix that? It should be priced so any ordinary consumer can buy it like the S10.not just for the will be their loss. I wont be buying it at any ridiculously expensive price