We’re rapidly approaching the time of year when the second major slew of smartphone releases occur. With Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 just a couple of weeks away and Apple’s new iPhones probably a month or so out, Google isn’t to be outdone any more, and we’ll see the new Pixel 4 range likely around October.

While we’ve seen little in terms of official imagery, we’ve seen enough for the fans to go nuts, and they’ve made some high quality renders for us to enjoy this weekend.

These renders are based on confirmed design (from Google), leaked specifications and details from elsewhere, and are mixed up together in one great big collection of rendered imagery. As much as these look the goods, remember that they’re just renders based off limited information – thanks OnLeaks!

This story is just about renders today – there’s no new specifications or other information here. The only thing remotely new – kind of – is the semi-confirmation of a large forehead and chin arrangement on the front display. No one really likes notches, and short of a full-screen display with cut-out cameras, Google’s left with the option of top and bottom bezels to house cameras, earpieces and so on.

The other thing to note is the lack of any appreciable fingerprint sensor. Google will either make the move to a Face ID type unlock mechanism, or it may have embedded an in-screen fingerprint sensor.

The renders continue what Google itself has confirmed with regards to the camera arrangement – a slightly pronounced camera bump containing two main sensors, a ToF sensor and a flash. On the front there’s two sensors as well, but not likely to be a narrow and wide-angle sensor – it’s expected this will be for selfies, the other for Face ID type application.

I’m not sure about you guys – our readers – but I’m tiring a little of these repetitive “leaks” containing little new information. I get that Pixel 4 will be hot news when it launches, but leaks that give away nothing new are kind of dull, right?

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I love a good bezel! Actually gives me something to hold the phone by. Since when did we decide to throw away usability for modern aesthetics.

Some dude

The screen protector leak shows off a new cutout potentially for Soli.


Yeah that rumour keeps kicking around. It’d be good to see Soli actually being used in something.

Travis Stewart

omg, i love the software… and I’m seriously thinking of replacing my s9 with an s10e and get a pixel 2 as a spare phone. No way am i forking out hard earned for outdated hardware